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Would you like to equip your Massey Ferguson with a front weight or bumper? You have come to the right place in the Tractorbumper shop. We offer Massey Ferguson front weights and bumpers for almost all models. A front weight offers several advantages. For example, it ensures better weight distribution, so that you can better use the full power of the tractor, especially in the field. A bumper also offers advantages for your tractor on the road. It increases safety and visibility. In addition, our bumpers are equipped with a handy storage box, which you can use, for example, for your seed, ropes/chains or other tools. You can lock this box with a key.

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At Tractorbumper you can choose from several bumpers and front weights for your Massey Ferguson. The offer consists of the following models:

View the different Massey Ferguson bumpers and front weights in the shop for specific information per model.

The bumper can be supplied in a nice design, in the color of your tractor and with your own logo. Installing and removing the bumper is very easy.

Frontgewicht Massey Ferguson

The benefits of a Massey Ferguson bumper

Our bumpers provide more visibility on the road. The Tractorbumper is equipped with width lighting, contour lighting, red-white marking and marking sticks. This allows other road users to recognize you earlier and better estimate the width of your tractor. The bumper also protects the wheels at the front and side and can be adjusted for height.

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Would you like to know which front weight is suitable for your Massey Ferguson? Or which bumper to choose? Then contact our specialists. With our many years of experience we can provide you with the right information. We can be reached via +316-13680095 or We are ready to help you.