Linked to weight block

The Tractor bumper Connect is a bumper that can be attached to a B900 weight block or an original Fendt 870kg weight block. The Connect is available separately for existing weight blocks or can be ordered as a set (bumper + weight block). For a lot of landwork, the bumper can be disconnected and attached to a lot of road transport (simple with two bolts) for better visibility.

Optional assembly set to link the Connect directly to the front lift also available. This allows the following options: bumper with weight, weight without bumper and bumper without weight.

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See the different combinations below:

Bumper with weight

Weight without bumper

Bumper without weight


Optimally adjustable for any type of tractor due the adjustable side panels. Better shielding and manoeuvrability


Shear bolt protection when reversing against an obstacle


LED contour lighting, red-white panels and guide poles

Assembly set

Option: assembly set for direct construction at the front linkage

In practice

See how the Connect works in practice. Easy to assemble and deployable in different ways. Are you interested in this product? Please contact us!

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Standard features

  • Rotatable and width-adjustable side panels
  • Shear bolt protection when driving backwards
  • LED position lighting according to standard
  • Red-white panels according to ECE-104
  • Guide poles
  • Powdercoated grey (RAL 7016), black or John-Deere green
  • Design in tractor colours with own logo


  • LED lights under red-white panels
  • LED lights middle part
  • LED direction indicators L + R
  • In a common RAL colour
  • Adjustable in width from 2.6 to 3 metres
  • Mounting set for direct construction front linkage

For every brand

All types of Tractor Bumpers are available in the desired color and designs. You also have the option of incorporating your company logo into the design. This makes the bumper a beautiful whole with your tractor. View some practical examples below.

Other models

We have a suitable Tractorbumper available for every type of tractor and weight.