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You want to increase the safety and efficiency of your tractor? With a Kubota front weight, you do both. Tractor bumper offers frontweights that are integrated into a bumper. The bumper ensures higher road safety. This is equipped with marking and LED width lighting.

Different types of Kubota frontweight bumpers.

Voor vrijwel alle Kubota tractoren hebben wij frontgewichten. Van onze tractorbumpers zijn namelijk meerdere modellen gemaakt. Voor Kubota kunt u kiezen uit de Basic, Connect, Premium, (met opbergbak) en de SafetyWeight versie (300-1100 kilo). Deze beschikken tevens over een geïntegreerde opbergruimte om bijvoorbeeld uw gereedschappen in op te bergen.

Kubota frontweight


The bumpers have multiple characteristics,of course , but with regard to road safety, these are the most important:

  • Rood-wit panelen volgens norm (ECE-104)
  • Flexibele LED breedteverlichting
  • LED contourverlichting + richtingaanwijzers
  • Markeringsstokken

The tractor bumper will make your tractor more likely to be recognized by other road users and will allow them to better estimate how wide your vehicle is.

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For years we have been supplying tractor bumpers with front weights to farms and contractors. In these years we have also seen many different Kubota tractors pass by. Our specialists therefore know exactly which front weight is suitable for your Kubota. If you would like advice, please contact us by phone at +31 (0)6-13680095 or send an email to You can also view our Kubota frontweight in our webshop.