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SafetyWeight is a safe frontweight with an integrated lockable storage box with a capacity of 55 liters. The middle part is a weight block, choice of 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 or 1100 kg. This weight block fits compactly between the front linkage and does not extend far ahead. Due to the low height, it does not come in front of the tractor headlights. Even when the front linkage is fully raised.


Weight: 300-1100kg

If you need more weight, the SafetyWeight Plus is available from 1300 to 2500 kg.


Standard features

  • Universal for tractors with front linkage (cat. 2 and 3)
  • Rotatable and width-adjustable side panels
  • Adjustable in width from 2.4 to 2.8 metres
  • Shear bolt protection when driving backwards
  • LED contour lighting according to standard
  • Red-white panels according to ECE-104
  • Guide poles
  • Full LED + LED direction indicators
  • Powdercoated black, AGCO grey or John-Deere green.
  • Sticker design in tractor colours with own logo
  • Integrated toolbox 55L, lockable with key


  • In a common RAL colour
  • Adjustable in width from 2.6 to 3 metres


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How will the TractorBumper be delivered and how to assemble?
See here the instruction movie:

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Stickerdesign with own logo:
If you have chosen your own logo, please send the logo by email to: We will then make an example for the layout and send it via e-mail. After approval, production is started. So no surprises afterwards.

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Does the bumper has a towing point?
Yes, the SafetyWeight weights have a towingpoint in the top link support where a rope can be attached. We have tested this extensively, watch the video here:
How will the SafetyWeight bumper be delivered?
The SafetyWeight bumper is packed compact on an EUR pallet. The side parts are located in the storage box. First connect the middle frame with the front linkage and then mount the side panels, see the video:
Why can you adjust the hitch point in 2 positions?
There are 2 coupling positions for the bumper, standard in the front position. If the front linkage is compact and fully raised, the bumper may touch the linkage arm. The ball position must then be moved to the position 2, more at the back Loosen the M27 bolt (key 42), move the nut inside the rail and tighten again.
Standard positie is more compact, but maybe bumper wil hit the liftarm
Change position so the bumper wil not hit the liftarm.
Which weights can I choose?
The following weights are possible: 300kg, 400kg, 500kg, 600kg, 800kg, 1000kg or 1100kg. Selected weight cannot be adjusted afterwards. Need more weight? Look at our SafetyWeight Plus models till 2500kg.
Can I change the weight afterwards?
No, it is not possible to increase or decrease the weight afterwards.
Is the indicated weight the total weight?
Yes, a SafetyWeight bumper of 800 kg, the total weight is 800 kg, so including the bumper side panels.
What are the bumpers filled with?
As ballast we use small punch caps, residual material from perforated sheet. This in combination with concrete gives a strong and solid construction.
What are the dimensions of the storage box?
The storage box is 80 cm wide, 19 cm deep, 19 cm high at the front and 37 cm high at the rear. The volume is 55 liters.
Are there extra lifting arms possible in front?
No, protruding parts in front of the bumper are not safe, so the option is not possible.
What is the distance of linkage ball to front SafetyWeight bumper?
This depends on the weight. 19 cm on the 300, 400,500 kg models, 23 cm on the 600 and 800 models, 32 cm on the 1000 and 1100 models. So, till 500 kg are the most compact models.
Which width dimensions can I adjust the SafetyWeight?
Width adjustable from 2,2 meter till 2,8 meter. With longer side panels (without surcharge) up to 3 metres. Ask for the possibilities


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