On average, each year there are 16 deaths and 100 serious injuries in accidents with agricultural traffic only in the Netherlands. (click here for more information)

New tractors are getting bigger and can run faster. Speeds of 50-60 km per hour are not unusual. In a (frontal) collision the effects will also increasing. See the pictures aside.


Tractors are in the middle equipped with two headlights and there are 2 width lamps linked to the cab of the tractor.  The cab is smaller then the width of the tractor, so these lights do’nt show the total width of the tractor. For other road users it’s very difficult to estimate the width of a vehicle like a tractor. With the tractorbumper it is for other road users more clear to see the maximum width of the tractor.  This results in less hazardous situations.

Safety in a collision

In a frontal collision between a tractor and another road user, there is a risk that the vehicle comes underneath the tractor wheels, because they are not shielded.  The tractor bumper helps to protect this area, in front of the wheels and between them. When setting up the bumper on the good height (height underside bumper 40 cm from the ground) it is the same bumper height than the bumper of a car.

Your benefits

For bigger (civil) projects, the work is often based of tenders. In addition to the price at which they can perform the job, often a plan must be submitted stating how the contractor will proceed. For large construction companies and government, safety is often of great importance. If you as an entrepreneur make a plan, in which you indicate that you are driving a tractorbumper, to increase visibility and safety , it can greatly taken into account in the tender.


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